1. Introduction

We felt that this was an interesting topic as we are all aware that one reason for global warming is due to deforestation. Deforestation is partially caused by the great demand for paper, and one way to lessen the demand for paper is to encourage more people to use recycled paper.

Hence, we started thinking of ways to make people more interested in using recycled paper by giving it better qualities, such as strength. Thus, we were inspired to find ways to make recycled paper stronger.

Browsing through many websites with instructions on how to make recycled paper, we found that many websites recommended adding liquid starch to the paper pulp to help make it less absorbent so that ink would not bleed as easily (Wikihow,2015, January 9How to Make Paper). Reading this, we wondered if liquid starch does  help make the paper stronger. This was the inspiration for our ISS project.

1.1 Research Questions 

  • How does liquid starch affect the strength of the paper?
  • How to make recycled paper?
  • How to make liquid starch?

     1.2 Hypothesis

The greater the amount of liquid starch used to make the recycled paper, the stronger the recycled paper is.

Independent variables

  • Amount of liquid starch added into the recycled paper.

Dependent variables

  • How many weights the recycled paper can hold before it breaks.

Controlled variables

  • type of liquid starch used
  • thickness of the paper
  • size of the paper
  • area where the paper is made and tested for its strength
  • type of weights used to test the strength of the paper
  • type of paper used to make recycled paper

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