Title and Abstract

Title of experiment: Investigation of the effect of the amount of liquid starch on the strength of recycled paper.

The purpose of this experiment is to make the strongest recycled paper. The hypothesis is that the more liquid starch put in the recycled paper, the stronger the recycled paper.

To test the results, we made three batches of recycled paper pulp and mixed in different amounts of liquid starch (0ml, 30ml , 60ml) in each batch. When the paper was dried and finished, we cut each batch of paper into three paper strips per batch, then placed weights on each strip of paper till it tore. We then recorded the results in a table and a graph.

Our results show that the the more liquid starch put in the recycled paper pulp, the stronger the recycled paper.

We can apply the results in real life situations to strengthen the recycled paper to produce recycled paper that does not tear so easily and is more durable, thus making it more appealing for people to use.  As it is stronger, the recycled paper could also be used for arts-and-crafts, such as making Papier Mâché.

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